At Gulfside Periodontics we are dedicated to improving the quality of life and comfort of our clients. Ensuring that you leave our offices with a healthy beautiful smile is our top priority. Our dedicated staff of highly trained periodontal associates, led by Dr. Thomas Carter, is ready to help care for and craft the winning smile that you have always wanted.

A healthy smile creates a lasting impression, one that goes beyond a simple handshake. It shows confidence and careful attention to one’s health and appearance. That is why it is so important to protect your smile with careful attention and a solid hygiene routine.

Periodontal diseases are a very real and serious concern, afflicting eighty percent of Americans by the time they reach forty-five. Most people who suffer are not even aware that they are infected. Four out of five Americans stricken with periodontal disease do not know they have it. Without treatment, serious health issues can arise, including loss of teeth and more serious conditions as the infection spreads.

Luckily, periodontal treatments and therapy has improved considerably throughout the years, and many solutions are now accessible for our clients in Biloxi, MS and the surrounding areas. But it takes more than just a local dentist to deal with these issues. Periodontal challenges vary from infection and gum disease to oral cancer, and require specialized attention and treatment.

Warning Signs

Too often, someone suffering from periodontal disease ends up feeling no discomfort at all, because the symptoms are overlooked or dismissed as unimportant. But ignoring these indicators only let the infections work longer at destroying the bone and connecting tissues surrounding your teeth and gums. Knowing the signs of periodontal disease can prevent permanent health complications.

Generally, individuals first notice that they have bleeding gums. They tend to notice blood during normal care and cleaning, or during meals. This is the most frequent indication that some manner of periodontal infection is present.

Realizing that you have bad breath can be awkward, but it could also be a warning of a severe health condition. If your breath continues to be foul-smelling even after thorough cleaning, this can signify an oral infection or periodontitis. Preventing the infection from spreading beyond this stage is vital.

Loose teeth or receding gums are often the more recognizable indications of a progressive infection such as periodontitis. Bone loss or ligament damage from this disease can cause teeth to feel loose in their sockets. Receding gums can cause your teeth to appear longer than normal.

How We Can Help

Our qualified team of periodontal associates works under the careful guidance of Dr. Carter, a board certified periodontal dentist, to diagnose and treat a variety of needs. We strive to help with every phase of your periodontal treatment. Our support begins with a thorough ninety minute exam and a detailed evaluation of your medical history.

Additionally, an oral cancer exam helps Dr. Carter to identify and classify aberrations in all areas of the mouth and surrounding face. Studies conducted by the American Cancer Society show that more than thirty thousand Americans are diagnosed with some form of oral cancer each year. Sadly, more than seven thousand of those cases are terminal. An annual exam significantly increase your odds for catching and treating these conditions.

Cleaning and Prevention

Dental prophylaxis is a cleaning treatment that thoroughly cleanses the teeth and gums, eliminating plaque and tartar accumulation, reducing bad breath, and reducing stains from every day use.  It is an vital part of the health and maintenance of your teeth and gums.

Treatment may also include scaling and root planning when evidence of gingivitis or periodontal disease are present. This is a non-surgical procedure that assists in eliminating tougher accumulations of calculus and plaque. These deposits can cause swelling and irritation, and aid the spread of infection when left untreated.

Bite Adjustment

Daily activities, such as eating and drinking or grinding your teeth at night can erode enamel, work loose or permanently damage your teeth. Frequently, these concerns can be fixed with a simple bite adjustment before more expensive surgery is required. Procedures to prevent further deterioration and displacement, such as: braces, replacement fillings, bite guards and splints, and tooth reconstruction are usually enough to also correct any existing damage.

Sedation Dentistry

Our team wants to help relieve the stress and fear that many patients feel when confronted with dental work. Our office uses both IV sedation and oral sedation techniques to help make each step of your periodontal treatments comfortable and safe.

Pocket Reduction Surgery

More advanced stages of periodontal disease frequently require osseous surgery. This procedure is often done to remove pockets and correct irregularities in the bone supporting the teeth. This will lessen the spread of bacteria and reduce bone degeneration.

This surgery may be performed in combination with additional procedures, such as a gingivectomy or a frenectomy. Both are often done for esthetic purposes, due to excess tissue caused by genetic predisposition or as an effect of taking certain anti-seizure or high blood pressure medications. A gingivectomy eliminates excess gum tissue. A frenectomy detaches the thin muscle connection between the lip and gum. Beyond cosmetic reasons, this can improve orthodontic stability and enhance the outcome of all procedures.

Tissue Regeneration and Grafting

Hard tissue regeneration is a technique that strengthens support of loose teeth and helps prepare the surrounding bone for dental implants. A porous surgical membrane is affixed between the soft tissue and the bone. This allows the slower-growing bone to fill in the prepared space while fast-growing soft tissue is prevented from spreading into the pocket.

Soft tissue regeneration is a useful method of fighting receding gums and is done preparing a thin piece of tissue taken from the roof of the mouth. This gum graft is placed over the area to supply a secure band of attached gingiva to better support the tooth.

Dental Implants

At Gulfside Periodontics, we pride ourselves on providing an award winning smile to our patients in as little as one visit. Dr. Carter distinguishes himself from other gulf coast dentists and can restore a single tooth or a complete set of dental implants. Call today to talk about our low dental implant costs and our Teeth in a Day service, and you can leave our office with a fully restored smile that you can be proud of.

Our office location is conveniently in Ocean Springs, near the Biloxi area so our patients don’t have to travel far for their care.