Today, people live longer than ever before, and as a result, all parts of their bodies must serve them longer, and their teeth are no exception. Teeth age along with the rest of us, and many people find it is a challenge to maintain a full set of working teeth for life. Traditionally, dentures were the only option for people who have lost multiple teeth. At present, nearly every periodontal dentist recommends dental implants over dentures as the superior choice to maintain your appearance, chewing ability, speaking ability, and comfort.

Why Choose Multiple Teeth Implants?

While there are some advantages to choosing dental implants over dentures, their ability to maintain normal jawbone density is far and away the most important. Bones need stress to maintain their density or they erode, become porous, reabsorb, and weaken. The act of chewing creates the stress the jawbone requires. The force of one’s bite transfers stress to the bone of the jaw through the roots of its teeth, which keeps the jaw strong and healthy. Dental implants mimic this action and transfer stress to the jaw in a nearly identical manner as regular teeth.

In comparison, dentures sit on top of the gum. Without roots that go into the jawbone, the stress of chewing transfers to the dentures and the surface of the gums. As a result, the density of the jawbone gradually erodes making it difficult to maintain good fit and comfort with dentures. Most people with dentures experience some difficulties, such as denture movement, mouth sores, inadequate chewing ability, and changing gum and jawbone structure due to bone loss, necessitating the regular creation of new dentures.

Implant Timing

Most gulf coast dentists today recommend their patients get single implants whenever they have experienced a tooth extraction. The best time to get implants is often as soon as possible following the extraction to preserve the bone beneath the tooth. A sufficient amount of jawbone is required to provide a foundation of bone able to accept the implants. People with less than an ideal amount of jawbone density who desire multiple tooth replacement may be candidates for bone grafts that use donor tissue to develop the jawbone before the implant procedure. This procedure is sometimes required by those who wish to exchange their unsatisfactory dentures and bridge appliances for more functional and comfortable implants.

Implant Procedure

When a patient has multiple missing teeth next to one another, multiple implants are required. This process typically begins when such patients receive a referral from their local dentist to a specialty firm of periodontal associates such as Gulfside Periodontics. Single teeth receive individual implants, first implanted into the jaw and then provided time to heal and integrate into the bone. When multiple teeth require simultaneous replacement fewer actual implants are required. Once the implants have fully bonded with the jaw, then your custom-made teeth will be attached to the implants via small posts and the restoration is complete.

Dedicated software aids each patient’s implant surgery with current information, as do 3D x-rays. Together, they provide bone density information and aid implant placement. The implant procedure takes place using local anesthesia, and additional sedation options are available if needed to insure patient comfort. Usually, an individual implant has an individual post, while a multiple tooth replacement might have two implants to support the span of the bridge.

It should take a few months for your new implant to heal and fuse with your jawbone. During this time of healing, you’ll have a temporary restoration. When your healing is complete, Dr. Carter will attach your new teeth to the healed implants via permanent posts and you’ll enjoy complete and permanent tooth function once more.

Other Advantages

In addition to preserving the function of one’s bite and jaw, the advantages of dental implants include their ease of use. Dental implants feel and function pretty much like real teeth. So long as you maintain them properly, chances are you’ll never give them a thought. You don’t have to worry about them moving about in your mouth at an inopportune time, making noise, causing pain, falling out, or decaying. Also, your new teeth are easy to maintain. You will care for them much as you did your original teeth. Dental implants will restore your ability to speak clearly and pronounce words correctly, something that is impossible without the necessary teeth present to help form sounds. Many patients report that their favorite benefit of dental implants is the restored ability to eat anything, anywhere, with spontenaety. You’ll be able to chew stake and eat corn on the cob again!


Dental implants, by restoring one’s oral health, generally have a positive impact on the health of an individual overall. Your remaining teeth will not be disturbed, and you’ll continue to care for them as usual. Once you get used to the freedom that comes with being able to talk, eat, and smile naturally, you’ll be glad to know that your overall health is likely to be greatly improved for life as the result of having a functional set of teeth.

While the ability to eat and talk naturally tend to be what most people appreciate right away after having dental implants, they also appreciate the stability dental implants lend their appearance. Dentures, because they lead to bone destruction and reabsorption, tend to distort one’s facial appearance over time, causing wrinkles, the appearance of a collapsed face, and what some call a “witches’ chin.” Dental implants prevent the unfortunate distortion of appearance that so often accompanies dentures as the result of jawbone atrophy.

Whether you need to have one or multiple teeth replaced, know that you’re in good hands at Gulfside Periodontics. With dental implants, Dr. Carter can permanently restore your chewing ability, appearance, and jaw function. Each patient receives individualized treatment and attention, as well as an individually tailored treatment plan. Just like natural teeth, dental implant restorations are stable, strong, and permanent.

To find out more about how dental implants might improve your appearance and function, call and make an appointment at Gulfside Periodontics today!