First impressions endure, both socially and professionally. Your smile is often the first thing people will notice about you when introduced, and it is what most people remember after you leave. Protecting that smile requires diligence and care. More than three out of four Americans will be afflicted with periodontal disease by the time they are forty-five, with four out of five sufferers not even aware they have it.

The good news is that medical and dental technology has advanced significantly and solutions are readily available for patients in the Pascagoula, MS area and other locations. But sometimes finding a local dentist is not enough. Periodontal concerns range from plaque aggravated gingivitis to oral cancer. Let us quickly review some symptoms and warning signs of which you should be aware.

Common Symptoms

One of the most insidious problems with periodontal disease is that it often causes no discomfort and its symptoms can be quite subtle. This makes it hard for many who are afflicted to even be aware that their health is in jeopardy.

Bleeding gums is the first symptom most people notice. This can happen during brushing and flossing, or even while eating. It is the most common sign that some form of periodontal infection has taken hold.

Bad breath might be embarrassing, but it could also be an indication of a serious health risk. Persistent halitosis that remains even after thorough cleaning can indicate an oral infection or periodontitis. Arresting the infection at this stage is imperative.

Some of the more obvious signs of advanced infection or periodontal disease is loose teeth or receding gums. Teeth that feel loose can indicate bone loss or ligament damage, characteristic of a progressive infection. Receding gums make the teeth around them seem longer looking. Alternately, the gums themselves might become swollen and red.

While the above symptoms can indicate the presence of an infection within the mouth and gums, more serious health concerns exist. If you experience any of the following, seek medical attention at once from our local gulf coast dentists. These symptoms are common indicators of a cancerous growth or oral pathologic process:

  • Red or white patches within the mouth
  • Open sores that do not heal properly
  • A thickness or lump within the lining of the mouth
  • Persistent hoarseness or sore throat
  • Difficulty swallowing or chewing food

Our Services

Our trained staff of periodontal associates, under the close direction of Dr. Carter, offer a number of services to aid in every stage of your periodontal therapy. Our services begin upon admission, with a comprehensive ninety minute examination and an in-depth review of your medical history.

Cleaning and Prevention

The most common cleaning method we use is dental prophylaxis. This treatment thoroughly cleans the teeth and gums, removing plaque and tartar build up, freshening breath, and removing stains from teeth.  It is also is an important step in preventing the spread of gingivitis and periodontitis.

When gingivitis or periodontal disease are present, treatment may include scaling and root planning. This non-surgical procedure helps to remove harder deposits of calculus and plaque which can cause inflammation and contribute to the spread of infection.

Our preventative oral cancer exam is a painless way for Dr. Carter to detect and identify abnormalities in the gums, throat, tongue, glands, and face. Research by the American Cancer Society indicates that more than thirty thousand cases of oral cancer are diagnosed each year, and over seven thousand of those cases are fatal. A yearly exam can greatly improve your chances for successful treatment.

Pocket Reduction Surgery

Osseous surgery is frequently needed to successfully treat the more advanced stages of periodontal disease. It is used to reshape irregularities and eliminate pockets in the bone tissue holding the teeth. This is done to reduce spread of bacteria, prevent further bone loss, and enrich one’s smile. Additionally, it helps with your hygiene regimen at home as brushing and flossing can effectively become impossible at this stage of periodontal disease.

This out-patient surgery may also be done in conjunction with other helpful procedures, such as a gingivectomy or a frenectomy. A gingivectomy is a used to remove excess gum tissue for cosmetic or esthetic purposes, sometimes as a result of taking certain anti-seizure or high blood pressure medications. A frenectomy removes or reduces the naturally occurring muscle attachment between the lip and gum. This is done to increase orthodontic stability and improve the final result of all procedures.

Tissue Regeneration and Grafting

Hard tissue regeneration is a procedure used to reinforce loose teeth or to ready the jaw for dental implants. A surgical membrane is fitted between the soft tissue and the bone, so the fast-growing soft tissue is prevented from spreading into the pocket while slower-growing bone is allowed to fill in the space.

Soft tissue regeneration is an effective method of combating gum recession, typically using a gum graft. The doctor prepares a thin piece of tissue taken from the roof of the mouth, and grafts it over the effected area to provide a secure strip of connected gingiva to stabilize the tooth.

Sedation Dentistry

Modern anesthesia methods help alleviate the tension and anxiety often associated with dental work. Using both IV sedation and oral sedation techniques, our highly skilled and professional team of anesthesia providers will ensure your complete comfort and safety during each step of your periodontal treatments.

Bite Adjustment

Normal daily usage can wear down, loosen or even destroy your teeth. Often, a simple bite adjustment can correct these issues before costly surgery is needed. Techniques such as: braces, replacement fillings, bite guards and splints, and tooth reconstruction are usually enough to prevent further deterioration and displacement.

Dental Implants

Whether you need a single tooth replaced or a full set of dental implants, Gulfside Periodontics can help give you an award winning smile in as little as one visit. With low dental implant costs and our Teeth In A Day service, you can leave our office with a fully restored smile that you can be proud of.

Trust the professional periodontal associates at Gulfside Periodontics and find your reason to smile.