Our Service Areas and How They Benefit Your Periodontal Care Strategy in Pass Christian


Our services are dedicated to helping Pass Cristian area clients overcome periodontal issues. While our team provides a variety of surgical solutions to deal with dental health, we also work closely with every patient to avoid unnecessary, invasive procedures.


With the number of options currently available, there are frequently ways our periodontal associates can treat conditions that were often routinely dealt with using surgical procedures in the past. Non-surgical interventions are often effective and less costly than surgical options. When non-surgical strategies are employed, our patients also obtain significant successes without the pain and healing times associated with more invasive treatment options.


In the event non-surgical treatments are not the best option, our gulf coast periodontists will suggest the most appropriate option to correct the issue. Of course, there may be times when a combination of treatment options will be required to properly correct your dental condition.


We understand the needs of our Pass Christian clients, and always take whatever steps are needed to respond to those needs. Our office is easy to travel to, located right in Ocean Springs,


Defining Your Care Needs

If you’re currently experiencing periodontal problems and live anywhere in the Pass Christian area, it’s important to explore all the options carefully before deciding on a treatment plan. Our team will gladly review your current situation, develop protocol options, and discuss the choices in detail. At that point, you’ll have the information required to make an informed decision on the best strategy to meet your needs.


Proper Dental Care is an On-Going Process

Although it may appear to be obvious, dental care is not a one-time event. Prevention is, in fact, one of the most important treatment options we routinely recommend. When preventative strategies are used, the likelihood of serious periodontal issues developing is significantly reduced. Here are a few of the treatment options Gulfside Periodontics provides patients.


  • Prophylaxis is always at the top of our treatment recommendation list. Dental prophylaxis is the cleaning of teeth and gums to protect you from gingivitis and periodontal disease. Routine cleanings remove plaque, provide a great-looking smile, and reduce the occurrences of bad breath.


  • Periodontal maintenance protocols keep existing periodontal disease under control. The treatment plan established to meet your needs is designed to prevent gum disease that threatens dental and overall health. When paired with at-home care plans, the maintenance minimizes the potential for future tooth loss and gum issues.


  • Osseous Surgery, or pocket reduction surgery, encompasses several procedures related to accessing tooth roots and removing tartar and bacteria. These procedures are especially important to prevent the onset of conditions like heart and respiratory diseases that are believed to be related to periodontal issues.


  • Hard tissue regeneration includes options like guided bone and tissue regeneration, ridge augmentation, sinus augmentation, and other strategies to meet specific issues you may be facing. While a local dentist may be able to provide some basic care elements, specialists in Pass Christian, MS are better able to provide advanced treatments.


  • Soft tissue regeneration involves treatments to reconstruct gum tissue that’s been damaged by bacteria or injury. Proper gum health minimizes the potential for gum recession, heat and cold sensitivity, and related issues.


  • Bite adjustments are generally required when tooth surfaces don’t meet properly. When unusual wear patterns or damage are evident, a periodontal dentist will suggest a treatment plan to restore a bite that functions properly without causing additional damage to your teeth.


If you’ve got any questions about these or other periodontal treatment options, we’re happy to answer any questions or schedule an evaluation to determine which treatment options would resolve your dental issues.


Explore the Options for Dental Implants


One of the recent tooth replacement options is dental implants. Before the dawn of the implant age, anyone suffering tooth loss was forced to deal with replacement options that didn’t always look like their original teeth, tended to be uncomfortable, and were prone to falling out at inopportune moments. Dental implants eliminate those concerns.


While not all patients are ideal candidates for dental implants, most are. That means if you’ve lost teeth in the past or are facing the need for extractions, implants will most likely provide a safe and effective way to restore a natural look and function.


Dental implants are available for patients missing one or several teeth, so it’s a good idea to schedule an evaluation to determine the best way to deal with your missing teeth. Since dental implant cost is always an issue, an evaluation appointment is a great way to get all your questions about implants and the costs involved dealt with quickly and easily.


Discover an Immediate Solution to Missing Teeth

With the latest technology, our patients can now go from having missing teeth to enjoying functional, attractive teeth in a single day. Teeth in a Day is an exciting new concept now available at Gulfside Periodontics, PLLC. If you’re interested in the concept, contact our office for an appointment to evaluate your eligibility for this solution.

Overcome Your Fear of Dental Procedures with Sedation Dentistry

Patients frequently express a fear of undergoing dental procedures and may even delay or avoid needed treatments due to that fear. With sedation dentistry, there is no reason to put off a procedure. The anesthesia providers will discuss the available options to reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort during a procedure.

Rather than risk additional issues due to delaying a procedure, take the time to discuss your fears with our staff members. We’ll explain how sedation works and what you can expect as a result. Don’t put off a necessary procedure due to a fear of discomfort.


Getting Started is Easy

If you’re experiencing dental issues beyond what a local dentist can deal with, it’s important to deal with those problems quickly. The first step is to schedule an evaluation examination to determine the extent of the dental issues. Once that appointment is completed, we’ll be able to determine what treatment protocols will provide the best results.


Your dental health is important, and we’re here to provide the advice and treatment needed to ensure you receive the help needed to overcome any periodontal issues. Whether you live in Pass Christian or another location around the MS gulf coast, I you have any questions, please contact our office today.