Periodontics is a type of dentistry that focuses primarily on the gums and other tissues and structures that support the teeth. When the gums become inflamed by the bacteria in plaque, they often begin to recede, making the teeth and alveolar bone vulnerable to decay and bone loss. A periodontal dentist can help patients by treating existing gum disease and preventing problems from recurring. Treating gum disease is an important part of protecting the teeth and ensuring a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles.  

At Gulfside Periodontics, Dr. Thomas Carter and his periodontal associates provide a range of periodontal services that treat problems affecting the gums, bone, ligaments, and teeth. Services include scaling and root planing to remove plaque, surgical procedures to reduce pockets in the gums caused by infection, frenectomy to remove restrictive muscle tissue, functional crown lengthening to prepare a tooth for a crown attachment, and gum grafting for receding gums. Other popular treatments include cosmetic periodontal surgery, dental implants, and a full dental replacement procedure known as “teeth in a day.”  

Gulfside Periodontics’ service area includes Ocean Springs and its neighboring cities on the Gulf coast. This is an area that was utterly devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. While Katrina left permanent marks on the land, the communities on the Mississippi Gulf coast are once again thriving. We are proud to serve this region by providing the best possible periodontal care. 

Periodontal Care In Ocean Springs  

The office of Gulfside Periodontics is in the city of Ocean Springs, MS, which is located on the shore of Biloxi Bay in Jackson County. Named for its natural springs, the city has long been an inviting destination for tourists as well as a great place to live. In fact, it was listed among the top ten happiest seaside towns by Coastal Living magazine in 2015.  Ocean Springs is known for its thriving arts scene, diverse community, excellent seafood, and beautiful historic downtown district. Despite taking a direct hit from Katrina, the city has survived and continues to flourish.  

Periodontal care is an important part of overall health care as timely treatment can ward off tooth loss and other complications of infection. Gulfside Periodontics has been proud to play a role in rebuilding the community by serving its health needs through high-quality periodontal care.  

Periodontal Care In Pass Christian  

The town of Pass Christian is located on the Mississippi Sound in Harrison County, and it is surrounded by water on three sides. It has long been known for its harbor and its twenty miles of oyster reefs which produce some of the world’s best oysters. When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, demolishing the majority of homes, public buildings ,and the harbor, the devastation from the storm changed the city forever. However, there are many signs of hope as new homes  are built and new businesses continue to open.
At Gulfside Periodontics, we recognize and honor the resilience of the Pass Christian community. Dr. Carter and his staff of experts provide a full range of periodontal services to help people protect their teeth and gums and improve their long-term health.

Periodontal Care In Gulfport 

Gulfport is one of the best known cities in the state, and it is the second largest after Jackson. Located in Harrison County, Gulfport is known for the dolphins that swim in its coastal waters, its long expanse of man-made beach, its vibrant residential and business communities, and its art scene. It’s also notable as the home of the US Navy’s Atlantic Fleet Construction Battalion or “Seabees”. Like other cities on the Gulf coast, Gulfport suffered great losses after Hurricane Katrina, but more than a decade later, the city is thriving.

To serve the community of Gulfport, Gulfside Periodontics offers a wide range of treatments to protect the gums and teeth. In addition to medical treatment for gum infections, Gulfport citizens can also take advantage of cosmetic procedures to enhance their smile.

Periodontal Care In Biloxi

Biloxi is the county seat of Harrison County, and it is adjacent to Gulfport. Home to Keesler Air Force base, the city was featured in the play and film Biloxi Blues, and it is also the setting of several popular John Grisham novels. Visitors and residents alike are drawn to the city’s casino hotels, historic sites, and museums. After Katrina hit in 2005, over 90% of the buildings on the coast were completely destroyed, but residents have not only rebuilt but enhanced their beachfront community.

When residents of Biloxi are in need of a local dentist to treat problems like bleeding or receding gums, they are welcome to contact us at Gulfside Periodontics. We provide complete oral health services for Gulf coast residents, including sedation dentistry.

Periodontal Care In Pascagoula

Pascagoula is the county seat of Jackson County, and it’s known as Mississippi’s “Flagship City.” Located about 20 miles east of Ocean Springs on the Gulf Coast, it’s also situated at the mouth of the Pascagoula River, which hosts over 200 species of migratory birds en route north or south. The city is also known as a center for industry, and its major employers include an oil refinery and a major shipbuilding company.  The residents have worked hard to rebuild their city and still retain a strong sense of community spirit.

Residents of Pascagoula rely on dental and periodontal care from gulf coast dentists like Gulfside Periodontics. We are committed to providing excellent periodontal care along with dental implants to replace missing teeth. We’ll be happy to talk with you about the dental implant cost and procedure.

Periodontal Care In Long Beach

The city of Long Beach is located east of Pass Christian and west of Gulfport. Despite the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina, the city is back on its feet and welcoming visitors. Tourists and residents can all enjoy the laidback pace of life, the beautiful scenery, and great outdoor activities like kayaking down the Wolf River. Although many of the city’s historic sites are gone, the residents have found ways to renovate their city and bring it back to life.  

At Gulfside Periodontics, we are proud to serve the hardworking citizens of Long Beach. With timely periodontal care, our patients can avoid serious complications from gum and mouth infections.